For the past 12 years, Megan has been producing media and developing creative projects for non-profits, arts institutions, and businesses.

Initially Megan worked as an arts outreach coordinator and educator, helping groups leverage art as a tool for personal communication and social change. She completed a Masters in Arts Education and Outreach along the way, and it informs her approach to developing relevant and engaging content.

Megan also works as a professional photographer, primarily producing stills for commercial and non-profit clients. She also directs and produces video projects, and her short films have been screened at national film festivals and community events. 

Supporting Media:

Supporting media includes a series of Instagram "teaser" videos. The Instagram releases were envisioned as shareable messages of encouragement for their online pre-teen to early twenties audience.


Brijetta and Megan work nationally from their middle-of-the-map location in Wisconsin, where they brave the winters and love the summers, draw out their ideas on a big white board, and practice their chin-ups.